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Charitable Community Events

Nautical Tours is very proud to contribute to many worthwhile charities and community organizations. Besides focusing on quality sightseeing tours, "Giving back to the communities we serve is of the upmost importance to our yearly goals"!

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Community Enrichment Leadership Academy
After School Program

Mission Statement

Nautical Tours, Inc. developed the Community Enrichment Leadership Academy to build a bridge for our children to their community. The program provides unparalleled access to a variety of references to effectively promote and cultivate their social and educational skills. We shall offer the students the invaluable tools and resources needed to support our vital programs and operations.

This prospectus was carefully crafted into the corporate business plan, affecting a network that will embellish the leadership qualities which will optimize both education and strong role models to enhance one's self esteem.

Music Class

The program's unique concept presents a fresh, exciting, and innovative approach when introducing the arts, theater, and music, collaboratively with an array of fundamental societal principles. We truly believe in the essence of our program, hopeful that it may become a profound philosophy whereof finishing school. "We will vigorously expand our efforts to improve the communities we conduct our business in." - Nautical Tours, Inc.

The Nautical Tours Community Enrichment Leadership Academy....

Where Dreams Begin

Nautical Tours knows today's nonprofits are increasingly asked to do more with less. Nautical Tours understands nonprofit staff are required to play multiple roles in their organizations and need a unique set of skills to do their jobs well. The program offers the most beneficial opportunities to develop a range of new skills and improve upon existing ones.

Management recognized that a well-connected nonprofit sector provides the most efficient environment for non profits to positively impact their communities. The program offers unmatched opportunities to dialogue face-to-face and build relationships with local organizations and other nonprofit colleagues. The program's resources are proficient-in the life skills our children must possess to become positive role models and productive citizens in their community.

Nautical Tours believes corporations, and the nonprofit organizations they support can most effectively serve our communities by working as partners. We developed our Managing Partners Program to help our nonprofit effectively fulfill its mission by promoting Annex workshops and social events. Furthermore, there are many ways to create and inspire worthy performance, one example shall be our Wonder Kids
2021 Periodicals 
that will acknowledge the many outstanding accomplishments by our nations next generation of young thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and etc.

"The road to success is taking one step at a time and never giving up."
Allena Tabb-Harper President/CEO - Nautical Tours Community Enrichment Leadership Academy

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